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You can find our premium
Oregon Pinot Noir at:

Urban Wine Works
1315 NE Fremont
Portland, OR 97212

Quality fruit. Artisan wines.

We believe that the art of winemaking starts with quality fruit. Planted in 1988, our grapes come from some of the oldest Pinot Noir vines in Oregon and we take every step to ensure the quality of that fruit from year to year. No one knows our fruit better than our Vineyard Manager, Jeremy Saville..

The Willamette Valley in Oregon is fortunate to have a climate perfectly suited to the growing of Pinot Noir grapes. And while no other wine has as many critics as Pinot Noir, our mission is to make the best Pinot we can. We do our best to pay proper respect to the natural origins of our products, offer our wines at good values, educate our customers and ourselves, and not fall into the trap of taking things too seriously.

A good friend always responded to comments about differences in food and wine by saying, "That's why they make chocolate and vanilla." The world of wine is about what you and your palate like; what your preferences are. We hope you will have the opportunity to try our wines ... and find a flavor you like.